Verbo “to Be” (ser o estar) / Verb “to Be” (to be alive or to be here)

El verbo “to Be” es uno de los más importantes para aprender inglés / The verb “to Be” is one of the most important to learn english.


I    am
you  are
he   is
she  is
it   is
we   are
you  are
they are


I    have been
you  have been
he   has been
she  has been
it   has been
we   have been
you  have been
they have been


I    was
you  were
he   was
she  was
it   was
we   were
you  were
they were

Pluperfect / Past Perfect

I    had been
you  had been
he   had been
she  had been
it   had been
we   had been
you  had been
they had been


I    will be
you  will be
he   will be
she  will be
it   will be
we   will be
you  will be
they will be

Future perfect

I    will have been
you  will have been
he   will have been
she  will have been
it   will have been
we   will have been
you  will have been
they will have been


Aquí esta el resto de las conjugaciones para este verbo / Here’s the rest of the tenses for this verb:


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